Making solar energy cheaper and affordable!


The security of energy concerns every country. And, fossil fuel is not a solution of providing sustainable supply of energy. On the other hand, the consumption of fossil fuel creates pollution and damage to our environment. Hence, green and renewable energy will become the first choice among all the possible alternatives of energy supply.

AiSolargy focuses the business of producing electricity from solar energy. Our competitive advantage is to make use of intelligent systems to maximize the throughput of the whole process of converting solar energy (i.e. photons) to electrical energy (i.e. electrons).

Our patented technology enables the achievement of superior result, which is 40% more output than that of conventional solar panel systems.


Our business plan (project entry number: 200900254) on developing better solar energy products under the guidance of vision system has won the second prize from the 2009 Spring Cup of Innovation and Techno-preneurship Competition, which is organized by the Chinese Ministry of Education.